Promote Youtube Videos With 15 Secret Tips That Are Very Effective

You can use a variety of methods to promote your YouTube videos. Nobody tells you how to get more subscribers on YouTube. They will only show you what everyone else is preaching.

Promote Youtube Videos

Follow these top 15 video promotion tips for your YouTube channel promotion.

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the best ways to promote YouTube videos. However, this is listed as a first step because so many people already do it with their YouTube channel promotion.

However, if the video is not pushed, most of you will probably do it wrong. If you want more views, you might put them in a Facebook group with several other YouTubers, even though you have nothing to do with YouTube.

Do you think that group and those people will be the best people to promote your video? Probably, not. Initially, you'll see a few subscribers and views, but those aren't long-term returning subscribers. So those individuals won't be there to cheer you on the next time you post a video. Because you only gain exposure for one video and don't get any long-term subscribers, it's the same as using sub4sub.

For instance, you are making YouTube videos about helping ladies lose weight.

In that case, you should explore Facebook groups related to that topic-specific keyword. Consider how active your group's members are rather than how many members there are.

The best way to promote YouTube videos is to join a social media community with active members, connect with their content by liking, commenting, making friends, and then post your own videos to become more visible to the group.

Be sure to keep track of which subjects in your group are most popular so that you may re-create them and use them to promote YouTube videos.

Promote Youtube Videos

2. Don't embed the video within the post

To promote a YouTube video, ensure you don't embed it within the post. Instead, put the YouTube video link directly in the post. Suppose you embed the video, and people go via it on Facebook or another platform. In that case, it won't be counted as a YouTube video view. So, ensure you don't embed it within the post.

By putting your YouTube video link in the post, you simply push traffic to your channel, which counts as a view. Viewers may subscribe to your channel if they want to, which would help you promote your YouTube channel.

Promote Youtube Videos

Promote Youtube Videos

3. Share your videos on Blogs/Forums/Reddit/Quora and Q&A sites

Several bloggers and forums offer YouTube promotion services to promote YouTube videos. By using their services, you can also be highlighted on their blogs. For your YouTube channel promotion, look for forums and blogs. All media and blogs seek information that will keep their audiences engaged and allow them to continue contributing regularly.

So that's where you compose an email, which should be listed on their pages. Most of the time, if you go to their website, they will have a contact page where you can go and try to locate their email address, or you may have to ask for it, which is perfectly acceptable and something you can do for your YouTube channel promotion.

Then write them a pleasant email in which you are entirely honest and straightforward, stating something like, "Hey, I appreciate your site. I believe this video will benefit your audience and provide a lot of value to them," they're more inclined to share it. Now you may think, what makes this work? People frequently visit online groups and forums to find material or answer their questions. Your videos may help with both of these things. For example, you've posted a video on a keto diet and then gone to Quora to hunt for questions regarding the diet. Then, utilize your video to assist people in answering those questions.

4. Stick to one niche at a time

One of the most important aspects of YouTube channel promotion is channel relevancy.

When you simultaneously upload videos from many niches and categories, the YouTube algorithm becomes confused about posting what type of material. Believe it or not, the YouTube A9 algorithm determines the relevancy of your channel's videos. For example, suppose you produce tech tutorials and start producing pranks, humorous films, and documentaries. In that case, these movies are unlikely to rank or be suggested by YouTube.

So, stick to one niche for a while, then move on to another. As time passes, YouTube will develop new relevancy for your channel, which will most likely help in your YouTube channel promotion.

5. Follow the trend

You can't gather a lot of attention for a trend that has been completely ignored or forgotten. For example, when fidget spinners first appeared in review videos, they attracted millions of views and searches. Still, only a few people are looking for them, and their numbers are also dropping. Take that as an example. You won't gain any views if you start making movies on old games, trends, or anything else. So, you must follow the directions by keeping up with current events and try to go in a niche that has to trend the whole year, like tech.

Promote Youtube Videos

6. Promote your YouTube channel on social media platforms

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all great places to promote YouTube channels if they are dedicated to the target audience and subject matter as your YouTube channel. For example, for Instagram stories, you can share a few seconds of a YouTube video you've uploaded or post a thumbnail and write "link in bio" on it, which will take viewers to your YouTube channel. YouTube video promotion will be boosted as a result.

Promote Youtube Videos

7. Work on quality equipment, quality content, and SEO

Nobody cares how little money you have; folks come on YouTube for quality entertainment; they will not return if they get disappointed with your content quality. Therefore, to market and promote the youtube channel, you must provide high-quality content.

Maintain a fresh theme for your background, constantly upgrade your location, and have a quality camera capable of shooting 1080p at 120 frames per second and a good microphone. You must also have a bright light to ensure your video is clear. Suppose you produce high-quality work and add value. In that case, people will come to you, and you should advertise yourself aggressively. Begin with finding a video in your niche that is already really famous. Then, take what's already great about that video and improve it by improving the following:


  1. Graphics and animation
  2. Quality of the video
  3. Quality of the audio
  4. Quality of the video


The goal is not to rip the original video but to enhance it 10x more for the upcoming YouTube video promotion.

Once the new video is complete, it's time to optimize SEO.

For instance, you want to include the exact keywords as the famous video in your title, description, and tags; if you do this correctly, your video will begin to appear alongside the popular video, and a certain percentage of viewers will click over to watch your video; this will undoubtedly help promote YouTube video.

8. Collaborate with other YouTube channels

Collaboration with another YouTuber will help you reach new audiences. You can guest post on other channels or create content with other YouTubers. A video published on another channel is like an endorsement.

This simple approach can get you in front of thousands of new viewers. People who see your guest video are super likely to subscribe to your channel. This strategy does wonder in YouTube channel promotion.

Adding a comment to a competitor's YouTube video is another way to promote your channel. The reason you're so eager to start uploading videos to YouTube is that you'll be joining a community and a particular niche. So, if you're not well-known, the easiest approach to break into that community is to engage with the audience that already exists on your competitor's channel. Don't spam the community by asking for sub4subs or liking this video; instead, provide value by engaging the audience in the comment area by answering their questions.

9. Boost your videos CTR

Since the CTR is so important for two reasons, we'll go ahead and call it the "click-through rate" or CTR. Firstly, more views are associated with a higher CTR. A video that ranks fourth on Google for your target term and has a 5% click-through rate would be an example. With a click-through rate of 12%, your video will receive 2.4 times more views without you needing to rank higher or do any other promotion. Second, the YouTube algorithm uses CTR as a ranking factor.

The YouTube algorithm generally prefers to promote videos that receive many hits. In truth, the creator of YouTube claims that YouTube recommends content that people are interested in. So, the best way to get high CTR is to create super colorful and attractive thumbnails to stand out.

10. The sequel technique

Nothing beats binge-watching for increasing watch time. Video Series playlists are one of the finest ways to achieve this, but they are a little-used feature on YouTube. To utilize them, though, you must first create a series. You may create a series based on well-performing content. Indeed, many popular YouTube channels have many series, each with a different topic focus and even a different thumbnail picture style.

This is an excellent method for attracting new subscribers and keeping them interested in future videos. This is a killer technique for returning subscribers and keeping them curious and engaged for upcoming videos.

11. Re-optimize your older videos

You can't modify or update an existing YouTube video. Still, you can always go back and change the title, description, tags, cards, end screen, and thumbnail. To be clear, this isn't some magic bullet that can instantly make an old video go popular. However, it can help some of your older videos gain a few more views each month.

12. Ask your viewers to subscribe with a call to action

This is a practical approach to turn more viewers into subscribers on your YouTube channel. Recommends this strategy. All you need to do here is ask the people to subscribe to your channel directly at the end of your video. In other words, you don't want to say "Like, comment, and subscribe" casually. Comments are good, and likes are fine, but subscribers are the lifeblood of your channel. Therefore, it's important asking them to subscribe directly. So, at the end of your video, encourage your audience to subscribe right away.