10 common mistakes everyone makes in YouTube channel promotion

Have you wondered why YouTube paid promotion is the talk of the town nowadays? YouTube paid promotion is famous because promoted Videos enable you to reach these users without wasting money on viewers who aren't interested in your offerings. You've come to the right place if you're looking to promote YouTube videos. Businesses can pay for YouTube paid promotion to have their videos appear at the top of search results when users search YouTube. Ads on YouTube or Google can aid in the growth of your new channel. If we look at the competition level on YouTube, it's impossible to establish a presence with no views or subscribers. Therefore, how could you use YouTube advertisements to increase your views and followers without spending a fortune? Let us ascertain how to get the maximum use of YouTube paid promotion services and make it so famous!

Even though you're giving it your all to promote your YouTube channel, nothing seems to be working, and you have no idea why. Is that what's going on here? I've got your back. You're doing things that you're not aware of, and it's affecting your channel.

Today we will discuss the ten common mistakes every YouTuber makes in their YouTube channel promotion. You will grow if you avoid doing these things.

1. Creating Videos That Nobody Cares About

Putting this on the first list emphasizes the importance of avoiding this mistake. When you started your channel, you should know that no-one knows about you, even you post a video of how you earned one million dollars in one week, nobody will notice you if you have few subscribers unless you are very popular outside YouTube channel and everybody want to know about you. In line with that, you should create a video that most people will watch. To do that, search for the kind of video that you want to make based on your niche. For example, you tried to upload a Minecraft tutorial, search Minecraft tutorial and sort the videos by view count of the week or view count of month. Remember to use the same keyword they have used on their title, so your video gets recommended to more audience, which helps your YouTube channel promotion.

2. Wrong YouTube Thumbnail and Intro

YouTube thumbnails and intro are a significant part of a well-balanced YouTube breakfast. YouTube Thumbnails are unique because every single person who watches a video on YouTube first clicks a thumbnail, so bad thumbnail means you will get fewer views, but a good thumbnail means you are going to get more views, so the better the thumbnail is, the higher will be the CTR(Click-Through-Rate). Many YouTubers make this common mistake in the YouTube promotion, not focusing on the thumbnail. The content may be good inside the video, but your video may go unnoticed, and people will not bother to even click on the video if the thumbnail is not eye-catching. It's simple to understand the importance of having a good thumbnail, the world is based on visual interest. Suppose you go into a grocery store and have a whole sugar aisle. In that case, you're naturally going to be drawn to the one that looks the best, whatever has the nicest style or whatever you're going to be drawn to and same as in the scenario of YouTube, you see whatever is eye-catching and clickable as it is the essential part of YouTube channel promotion. Many common YouTubers don't care if you want viewers' retention. People also make this common mistake of putting a fancy repetitive intro, or sometimes they don't even introduce what's the video about. The first ten seconds of your video are the key. If you don't make your YouTube intro enjoyable, people will not engage with the video and will not bother to continue watching it. So, the first ten seconds of your introduction are the key to people watching it till the end. So your YouTube intro of the first few seconds should mainly focus on your energy and the critical points of your video, which makes the audience curious to watch it till the end.

3. Not focusing on optimization

Many people make the common mistake of not optimizing their YouTube channel or YouTube video, which is crucial for any YouTube video promotion. A YouTube video's title is the primary thing to focus on. A captivating title will convince viewers to click and watch your video. A bad title might ruin your YouTube marketing efforts by preventing viewers from viewing your video. YouTube has a character restriction for video titles. One hundred characters, including spaces. Keep titles under 70 characters for maximum exposure. Your titles won't be lost in a search. You must include relevant keywords in your website's categories, title, tags, and description. This will help discover your video when people do internet browsing. To increase the size of your audience and the number of views on your video, promote it on other social networking sites. Always include keywords in your web pages' titles, tags, and descriptions. Check out the top-ranked videos, which have similar content as your video, then note down which keywords, tags, and titles they are using in their video then use it in your video as well for your SEO which is essential for your YouTube video promotion to become visible in recommended videos.

YouTube channel promotion

YouTube channel promotion

YouTube channel promotion


4. Not sharing your YouTube videos on the social media platform


Just because you put a video on YouTube does not mean you will get organic views at the start or get thousands of views. It's the reason that you don't share it with your social circle. Pick the best platform for your target audience for your YouTube channel marketing. You should always make the best use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote YouTube videos. Your external audience will watch them and help in your YouTube video promotion. If you have more of like female demographic or fashion or something, then Pinterest is also interesting. Suppose your YouTube channel is related to business-minded or academics. In that case, LinkedIn is also a great support platform to generate new awareness and interest that you could eventually send over to your YouTube channel. Especially, Instagram is an all-around hot platform right now where you can promote YouTube videos. But one of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to start an Instagram account. All the posts there are links to their YouTube video, which will pretty much never work because nobody wants to follow you on Instagram so that they can see you promote something somewhere else. If you're going to use your Instagram account for your YouTube channel promotion, build your influence there by posting valuable content on Instagram that your targeted audience finds attractive. Then you can post your YouTube video and tell people to head over there to get some traffic on your YouTube channel. You can also use hashtag feature, DM feature, or running an Instagram ad to bring more traffic.

YouTube channel promotion

5. Starting without knowledge and not focusing on one niche

Most people keep uploading any content without knowing how the YouTube algorithm work and expecting people to watch it then fail. Also, most YouTubers don't even read the community guidelines and policies and reupload other YouTubers' content on their channel for their YouTube channel promotion in less time, which is a horrible thing that causes copyright strikes. You might avoid those if you research before starting on YouTube and must-read YouTube community guidelines. Another mistake new YouTubers make is not focusing on one niche and doing whatever everyone is doing, which is why they fail. When starting a YouTube channel, you need to focus on one niche to promote YouTube Channel. You may see people uploading top 10 basketball moves today, uploading the scariest video the next day, and then uploading the most popular music the next week, which is very wrong. You may see big YouTubers that all focus on one niche, whether gaming, vlogs, entertainment, reaction videos, cooking, ASMR Mukbang, or any other type of content that makes you think of their success because they focus on their one perfect niche for them. Just look at this "top 5 channel" on YouTube, they could be uploading top 5 music, top 5 cars to top five richest countries, but no, they only upload the top 5 scary videos on their YouTube channel because focusing on one niche has a significant effect on YouTubers in their YouTube channel promotion.

6. No schedule of upload

One of the mistakes that YouTubers make is not having a consistent schedule, you need to have a schedule for uploading YouTube videos. It is better to upload one video per week in a range of 10 weeks rather than uploading ten videos in one day and not uploading for the next ten weeks. Schedule your upload if you upload once a week, twice a week, or daily. The more you upload good videos, the better the result is for your YouTube video promotion. But this does not mean do or die! Or now or never! Sometimes you should stop worrying about sticking to your schedule and having the pressure to always upload on a schedule. As things happen in everyone's life so if an upload gets missed, it's not the biggest deal in the world. If you have something come up or you're not just feeling creative, don't worry about missing a video here and there, upload it when you feel like it. Yes, it is important to have a schedule, but don't let it take over life.

7. Feeling entitled

When you have a few subscribers and a successful video or two, you might start to feel like you're owed something. YouTube is hard, and it's not a sprint but a marathon. It's important to remember that you still have to earn every view and subscriber you get as you grow. You are not entitled to them just because you hit the upload button. Don't be obsessed with the number of views but appreciate your viewership and keep working on improving your YouTube channel. Not because you'll be entitled to more growth, but hopefully because it makes you feel good to work hard on your content which will eventually result in your YouTube channel promotion.

8. No communication with the audience

Many YouTubers make the mistake of not communicating with their audience. To communicate with your audience, do whether that's through Twitter, Instagram, the community tab, or by going live to keep your audience updated and engaged with what's going on. You could even create a quick update video where you're talking to your audience. Communication is key to everything, so staying actively engaged with the audience by being an everyday person just like them, can get your connection stronger with your viewers, which is also a significant factor in YouTube channel promotion and in keeping a long-term viewership.

9. Not collaborating with other YouTubers

Another common mistake YouTubers make is not collaborating with other YouTubers. There are a few reasons why you should collaborate. The first reason is that it will grow your channel, and you are going to reach a new audience that will automatically do your YouTube promotion. The second and most important than growing your channel is meeting awesome creators doing some cool stuff on this platform. The key is just wanting to work with other creators, which will help them learn from each other. Collaborations will give a lot of experience, exposure and it's going to be a lot of fun. Many people provide YouTube promotion services as well. Some content creators also offer YouTube paid promotion, which is paid collaboration on their YouTube channel that will boost your YouTube channel viewership. As a result of collaboration and YouTube paid promotion, many viewers will become subscribers.

10. Deleting your content

Many YouTubers make the mistake of deleting their old content when their channel starts to grow. By doing this, you are damaging the metrics on your channel. Deleting a video removes all of the views and watch time, which is especially important for people working towards monetization. From a mental point of view, don't be embarrassed about the content that you have already gotten on your channel, as this represents your YouTube journey. Look at bigger channels on YouTube. You will see many terrible videos on their channel before they got successful, so it's wonderful to see the progress of YouTube creators from nothing to YouTube megastars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of YouTube Promotion for growing your channel.
  • Both free and paid services are available for channel promotion; choose what suits your needs.
  • YouTube Ads can be more effective than Google Ads for video-specific promotion.
  • A compelling video title and thumbnails are key to attracting views.
  • Utilize YouTube Analytics to refine your promotional strategies.
  • SEO can be a game-changer in promoting your YouTube channel.
  • Consider creating YouTube Shorts for quick and impactful promotion.
  • Always opt for trustworthy paid YouTube Promotion Services to avoid any risks.

By applying these techniques and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Navigating the world of YouTube can be daunting, especially when you're looking to promote your channel and gain a loyal following. The importance of effectively promoting your YouTube channel cannot be overstated, as it is a critical step in reaching a wider audience and maximizing your impact. To help you on this journey, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that cover everything from growing a music promotion channel to the nitty-gritty of YouTube ads. Read on to demystify the ins and outs of YouTube channel promotion and take a giant leap towards YouTube stardom.

Q. How to Grow a Music Promotion Channel on YouTube?

Growing a music promotion channel on YouTube requires a multi-pronged approach. Start by uploading high-quality music content that resonates with your target audience. Utilize SEO best practices in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. Engage with your community by replying to comments and asking for feedback. Collaborate with other channels or artists to broaden your reach. Consistency is key; make sure to upload new content regularly.

Q. How to Remove Channel Promotion on YouTube?

If you're talking about the "Includes Paid Promotion" tag, you can remove it by going to YouTube Studio, clicking on 'Videos,' then clicking on the video where you want to remove the tag. Under the 'Monetization' tab, you'll find the option to declare if your video includes paid promotion. Untick the checkbox to remove the tag.

Q. How to Start a YouTube Promotion Channel?

  1. Market Research: Start by identifying your target audience and the type of content they are interested in.
  2. Plan Content: Strategize the kind of promotional content you'll offer, such as music videos, product reviews, or tutorial videos.
  3. Create Your Channel: Go to YouTube and create a new channel using your Google account.
  4. Optimize: Use SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.
  5. Content Creation: Create and upload high-quality videos that offer value to your viewers.
  6. Engage: Reply to comments, engage with your audience, and encourage them to subscribe.
  7. Promote: Use social media, collaborations, and YouTube ads to promote your channel.

Q. How Do You Start a YouTube Promotion Channel from Scratch?

Starting a YouTube promotion channel from scratch involves several steps:

  1. Conceptualize: Determine the niche and type of content you'll be promoting.
  2. Technical Requirements: Ensure you have the necessary equipment and software for high-quality video production.
  3. Channel Creation: Go to YouTube and create your channel.
  4. SEO: Use relevant keywords in your channel description and video titles.
  5. Content Plan: Develop a content calendar and start creating videos.
  6. Upload: Publish your videos and make sure they are optimized for SEO.
  7. Engage: Encourage likes, shares, and comments.
  8. Monitor: Use YouTube Analytics to track your channel's performance and refine your strategy as needed.

Q. How to Start Up a YouTube Music Promotion Channel?

  1. Identify Your Niche: Decide on the genre of music you'll be promoting.
  2. Quality Content: Partner with artists to obtain high-quality music content.
  3. Create Channel: Go to YouTube, create a channel dedicated to music promotion.
  4. SEO Optimization: Use SEO best practices to make your channel discoverable.
  5. Social Media: Leverage other platforms to promote your YouTube music channel.
  6. Collaborations: Partner with artists and other music channels to mutually promote content.
  7. Engagement: Keep your community engaged by regularly uploading new music and responding to comments.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to starting and growing a successful YouTube promotion channel.


There you go, these are the mistakes to avoid when making YouTube promotion content for your videos. Stick to these ten tips and you can promote YouTube videos to grow your audience. It won't happen over time; you will need to be patient. If you are doing it right, then you have got nothing to worry about.

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