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Q: What kind of services does VIDILOT provide?

We provide all kinds of youtube promotion services. So, Start your campaign via YouTube And Google Ads with us.

Q: Is it possible to make money using Adsense?

A: We are not a grantee of Adsense Earning. Our primary purpose is to promote your video quickly and securely in the right way.

Q: WWhat makes VIDILOT themselves distinguish from their competitors?

A: We do not work blindly to just acquire money fromour clients. First, we understand all the needs our customer wants, then we process the order accordingly. Vidilot makes sure to keep the privacy of their clients. Every tiny bit of information is kept confidential, whether it's their payment information or something else. We deliver valuable services with organic reach and the right target audience.

Q: Which information do I have to provide for the promotion of my youtube channel or video?

A: Our process is so easy. Just let us know about your video link which you want to promote. Once you place the order, rest leaves on us.

Q: When will the Youtube paid promotion campaign start giving results?

A: No magic work until we do some serious hard work.Thereis a proper algorithm workingbehind every campaign.Roughly, a paid campaign starts giving results after three days. So,we have to wait for that amount of time.

Q: How much money is needed to get paid youtube promotion services and how do you use it?

A: It depends on your budget. As far as the distribution of the amount is concerned, we do not spend it all at once. Our expert team uses it wisely in chunks on some days, not at once, to get the desired result.

Q: Will I be able to monitor the results?

A: Yes,of course we do not leave you alone and confused.We offerLive Trackingfor your youTube video promotion, once the whole information is provided by you and the payment is done, you can monitor the performance.

Q: Does VIDILOT have any refund policy if ?

A: Yes,we do have, but there are some strict conditionsto get the refund. We do not refundbefore the youtube video promotion campaign starts giving the result.There is a whole team working diligently on your youTube channel promotion campaigns so we do not refund until the serious fault is found. Vidilot tried their best to serve you a quality service, but in any case, if the customer is not happy, we will refund after thorough investigation of the matter.

Q: What payment method is used by VIDILOT and is it secure?

A: We use an international payment method to receive the amount from our customers and yes,it is secure. We don't keep any payment information.

Q: Do you have any real time satisfied customers?

A: Yes , we do have.

Q: What if I still have questions, then how to contact you?

A: We have separate form on our website that provideus with your email and your message with a subject and just hit the send button. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.